PV: I am thankful for Mrs. Ruhd

John Salgado, Staff Reporter

I had Mrs.  Ruhd in my middle school life thought out my 6th-8th and that’s amazing and this is my last year at Dobie first I had you in Kitty Hawk and then I  moved to my new home and a new school. when I was registering there was someone that look like you and so my mom said “at the end you can tell her that you looked like my 6th grade counselor” and then I said “okay” so I did and then I was so shock it was you.

It was so amazing you were here. I want to say thank you so much for making my friends happy and me to I see you at lunch outside and you made me and my friends feel great and 7th I see you at lunch and that was cool we only see each other when you can into my classes which was great and it made me so happy to see you every time you come and you show me what bullying can do and I know it suck for other kids and now I can see what bullying can do.

This  is my last year at Dobie and this maybe be my last time seeing you and I don’t want to leave and that okay I will miss you when you go but I will remember you when I’m at Steele but I just want to say thank you what you done for my middle school life and my friends to I will miss you and this is like a quarter done of this year and soon half but I hope I can see you as much as I can.