PV: I Appreciate Mrs. Higgins – Thomas Stinson


Aaliyah Simmons

Thomas Stinson

Thomas Stinson, Staff Reporter

I Appreciate Mrs. Higgins

If you have a horrible day, you had a bad test grade in science, or you just got bad news about you and your friend. You would want help and you would like someone to lift you up. That is why I appreciate Mrs. Higgins.

Mrs. Higgins is an ELA teacher. I have been a little bad at ELA and especially that i’m in advanced placement (Pre-AP). If i need help for a friend or something happened, i’d go to her. Every day she has a amazing attitude and she is very positive and wants her students the best and always is nice in and outside the classroom. Over the summer, i had struggles reading the book project and needed help understanding. With the due date on the first day of School, she told us it would be due the next day because she thought and knew people couldn’t do it due that day.

When you have a teacher that can help you with any problem, homework, tutoring, or making up something you failed, she is always there for you. It helps so much. Truly, I dont think teachers get that much appreciation for everything they do for the future. They wake up early, get their kids to school, and then come to school early for kids to tutor in the morning. Then they have a whole eight hour day of students coming in, papers having to grade, and kids misbehaving. After that, she stays after school for tutors, get all paperwork they need, and heads home. Sometimes they even have to be at school, when students aren’t!

I appreciate all you have done for me and anybody that makes them happy. THANK YOU!                 – Thomas Stinson