PV: Why Mrs.Luna is my favorite teacher

Sade johnson, Photo editor

Mrs.Luna is one of my teachers that teaches Spanish and she is my favorite teacher out of all the teachers i had.She patient,nice,outgoing and energetic.When Mrs.Luna is teaching the class she makes the lessons fun and really interesting to learn.Mrs.luna wants students to at least participate in the activities that she planned and being able to have fun while learning a foreign language.She treats everyone equal and respects the students and the teachers too.

When things get out of hands in the classroom,Mrs.luna stays calm,using her patience and tells them to do what they should be doing nicely and doesn’t yell at the students,I appreciate that because sometimes yelling can make the situation worse.

When students need her help with something like homework,classwork or even situation that is outside of school she would be their by your side and help in the best of her abilities.For me i never had a teacher like Mrs.Luna.In the past of mine some of my teachers are there just because they have to and they wouldn’t ask me or the students if they are having trouble with classwork or something out of school,So i really appreciate that Mrs.Luna cares about her students and these are some of the reason why i respect her so much

When i always walk into her class i already know that we are going to learn something different and it’s going to be exciting.When she teaches she doesn’t hand us out paper almost everyday like some teacher does.She always prepares an activity for us and the students including me always have fun and we always enjoy ourselves when we are in her classroom.Mrs.luna is a great role model and she inspires me to help others and be kind to others.

Thank you Mrs.Luna for inspiring me and you will always be my favorite teacher.