PV: Mr.House my favorite teacher

emma norman, staff reporter

Mr.House an amazing,uplifting teacher who has helped me and others in many ways.He has always something positive to say and never negative.He’s always been there for me and even though we aren’t has close as most students and teachers are in a way but i still look up to him and I know we are getting closer as the year goes.


I can tell by how much he’s helped me throughout the year that being in his class has made a big change in my grades and has helped me to better my math skills.At first i was kinda sad going into his class cause I thought it was going to be boring but i also knew that it was going to help me a lot,and it did.


He has always made my day and always makes school exciting for me and i’m very thankful i got put in his class.I have always wanted to get to know him better from all the students that talk good about him and how he is so much fun and a very funny person.The reason I really picked him as my favorite teacher is because he is just so helpful and made a big change in my life.


From all the drama and all that he deals with i can tell he is always positive and really cares.From all that I have gained a lot of trust and feel like i can talk to him about anything and he will help in  a positive way and make it better.I cannot imagine what I would be like if I wouldn’t have met him and i got put in his class.