PV: I am Grateful for Mrs.Luna


Mrs.Luna is excited for the new school year. Photo by: Zoe Robalino

Lauren Kendrick, Staff Reporter

A teacher at Dobie who I am thankful for is Mrs.Luna. She is a Spanish and a College and Career teacher. I have her for second period as my pre-ap Spanish teacher. I am grateful for her because she is really helpful and understanding.

At the beginning of the school year they put me in Spanish, which I did not like because I thought it would be hard. Thankfully, Mrs.Luna is an amazing teacher and she is able to help me understand it better. She also doesn’t yell or get annoyed at the class when we don’t understand something. Most teachers get irritated with students when they ask a lot of questions, but Mrs.Luna doesn’t mind as much.

Mrs.Luna isn’t just great at teaching, she is also really nice. She doesn’t get off topic or distract us from our work either. She also lets us talk when it’s a work day or when we have free time. Mrs. Luna is really good at her job.

Those are the reasons why I am grateful for Mrs.Luna. I’m thankful that I got her as my Spanish teacher this year. I probably wouldn’t perform as well at Spanish without her. I deeply appreciate her and am excited to be in her class for the rest of the year.