PV: Why Mrs. Higgins is my favorite teacher


Ava Normandin

Jayden Dabney

Jayden Dabney, Staff Reporter

Mrs. Higgins is my favorite teacher. During her lessons unlike other teachers Mrs. Higgins get involved in her lesson, and she makes the lesson fun she doesn’t use just a plain voice and tell you the importance of fiction or the theme of poetry.

Instead of boringly analyzing a piece of writing we do blind date with a book where we don’t know the summary of the book and we just choose a book. The thought and time and excitement she puts in her lesson by far makes her the best teacher.

She always has a smile. Some teachers don’t look excited to teach us. Mrs Higgins always looks happy to teach us and make us smarter in ELA day by day. I have never gone a day without seeing Mrs. Higgins not smiling. She also lets us listen to music why we work sometimes. Mrs Higgins always about us learning the best.

Mrs. Higgins always goes what best for you.I got a 67 on a test and she let us correct/retake the test with a group and i got a 100 and she averaged the two grade and she put a 80 in the grade book. She doesn’t just makes us take boring notes she lets us do activities with the lesson. Mrs. Higgins also makes learning fun.

Mrs. Higgins also does drawings were we can earn tickets by answering questions. She does them every other week as a reward for participating in the lesson. Mrs Higgins also lets us work in groups a lot. I like this idea because we get to share ideas with are team and get different point of views. Mrs Higgins is my favorite teacher.