living in a military Family

Gavin Hlebik, Reporter

By:Gavin Hlebik


As a kid my dad was in the military as a combat medic in Afghanistan

And a drill sergeant So he was gone for awhile

And every now and then he would come home and go back so i didn’t see him very often I was a little kid like the age of Five or six

And when he did come home we would make signs and and wait for him at the airport

I would tell all my friends that my dad is back and that being a military kid was hard that’s why they had a club called “We serve too”  they would help kids cope with their mom,dad, or other family going to the military.


And when they deployed them put a yellow ribbon on a tree outside the

School to symbolize their parent or family member fighting for our rights

And when they retire the kid and retired veteran can take that ribbon off together.