Student Spotlight: Kayley Echols


Madison Hambrick, Staff Reporter

Kayley Echols, 8th grader, was born in  in North Carolina. She has one sibling named Niegel, along with her two dogs Dexter and Ginger.Overall Kayley is such an amazing,kind, and hardworking person.

She moved to Texas when she was 6 years old and went to many different schools. Kayley went to Randolph Elementary for a few years, switched schools to Sippel Elementary and stayed for 4th grade, then after that she was home-schooled for about a year and then switched back to public.

Her favorite colors are yellow and blue. Her hobbies are swimming, sleeping and eating. Kayley used to compete in gymnastics. Her favorite kind of music is pop. When she grows up she wants to be a pediatrician because of Grey’s Anatomy. Her favorite subject is science. Kayley loves to be around her family and friends.

Kayley loves to travel she has been to Germany, Jamaica, Panama, Hawaii, and Mexico. She wants to travel to Paris, London, New York, and much more.

“My goal for life is to be happy and successful” Kayley stated during the interview. One word that describes Kayley is that she is kind hearted, she tries to make everyone happy and is always there for her friends, her smile can light up a room. Kayley is also really smart and is the person to go to when you need help with your homework.