PV: how obsessed are we with social media?


Silvia Makori

Eleny Cordero

Eleny Cordero, reporter

Some people wouldn’t give their phone up for even a day, but I could for weeks.even though I don’t really own a phone i’m willing to give up screen time from computers, tvs, and my kindle. Sure I might miss things if I did but I can still live without screens just as well! I just couldn’t do it for a month though,because I like to stay connected to the world,and the internet makes me feel like im connected even more!


The video “social media detox” did a experiment on ten girls that gave up their phone for fourteen days.it was a very interesting video to watch!during the girls experience they noticed how attached other people are to their phones! When some of the girls were hanging out with their friends they noticed how most of the girls aren’t talked to each other at all! Instead they were dead silent and just texted one another. That happened to me alot! Since i don’t have a phone like most of my friends, when i go and hang out with them they usually are just texting with each other instead of talking with me, it makes me feel like i’m invisible and i’m not there.


I feel that social media can create a impact on your life, both positive and negative! Some positive ways social media can affect you is that your more connected to the world.you know more events and you get to see inspiration from lots of people!but with all the positive impacts theirs also negative effects, people can get influenced by others very easily over the internet.people may see pictures of others and think that they are not pretty enough,or they need to look like that.Sometimes people feel down because they’ll never be pretty enough or they aren’t connected to people and start to feel insecure.


Link to the video-https://www.goodmorningamerica.com/living/story/10-teen-girls-give-social-media-weeks-fared-58967114?fbclid=IwAR0ePwqSxHTXQqBuriKFVELQvF4vXI8NSfvfsL-ByTqlQfXrEnWLrPcuYkA