PV: Why you should take breaks from social media

Abra Sinayoko, Staff Reporter

By: Abra Sinayoko

Social media has a big impact on people, especially teens. Apps like Instagram, Snapchat or Twitter are taking over the youth, and they should take breaks every now and then. That’s why the experiment was taken into affect.

Ten girls on Good Morning America went on a social media detox for two weeks. Most of the girls had a good experience with the cleanse. According to Serena Pillsbury, she “fell asleep a lot quicker than usual so was better rested for the day,” which I have experienced before. “I also noticed I was more focused during homework, not preoccupied with what may be happening on social media.” The only thing that Pillsbury missed was being on her Instagram.

Camille Wellborn also said that the break was good and didn’t have the temptation to re-download apps. The hardest part of the process for Wellborn was that when she would hang out with her friends, “they would constantly be on their phones sending each other things.”

Social media effects me because I use it almost everyday, just to text my friends or for entertainment. I use it about three hours each day and I get distracted because of my phone very easily. I feel that it is a bad habit that I need to break. Since this experiment has given people great results, I’m going to take breaks more often, and maybe you should too.