PV:Mrs. Chitta is the Coolest Teacher on Campus!

Why Mrs. Chitta is my Favorite Dobie Teacher.


Trinity Rocha

Alaina Smith

Alaina Smith, Staff Reporter

There are a lot of influential staff members here at Dobie Junior High, the one that has made my time here really enjoyable is Mrs. Chitta.

Mrs. Chitta is the Theatre Arts teacher at Dobie, and she is also the funniest teacher on campus. Everyday I look forward to going to her class and see her and doing whatever fun project she has for us. There is never tons of dull work in her class, instead we make video presentations and make cool posters.

She always has the most hilarious stories and things to share. I am in her last period class, and there have been many times when I go and sit right next to her desk and laugh and talk with her until my bus gets called. One of the stories she told the class was about how her dog had gotten into a pack of her husband’s gum, and at two in the morning she woke up to her dog covered in gum. There ended up being xylitol in it, which is deadly to dogs, so the dog threw up and Mrs.Chitta had to take her to the vet. The dog was fine after that.

Mrs. Chitta also makes learning really fun and interesting by acting things out. When teaching the class a new concept, she often does really amusing things to get the idea into our heads. When teaching us the game “Kitty wants a corner” she showed us how to play then showed us what to do if no one gives “kitty” their spot. She acted it, out and it was the greatest thing.

Another thing I admire about Mrs. Chitta is how she is so understanding. The class had been working in groups on a project, and I, being the only one in the group without a phone, had no way to talk to the other people on my team. I ended up having to email Mrs. Chitta the night before it was due letting her know that I had no way to upload the video. I got to school the next day, and Mrs. Chitta let me have until that night to get it in, which I did.

Mrs. Chitta you have played a major role in making my years here at Dobie fun and exciting, and I will admit there have been days when I came to school wanting only to go to Theatre. I’m so glad I got to have you as my teacher, and you have really made me want succeed in Theatre and be who I really am even off stage. Never doubt yourself as a teacher because a teacher’s job is to teach and inspire their students, and you inspire me. Never stop being awesome Mrs.Chitta, because you can’t.