PV: Grateful for Mrs. Cerulli


Trinity Rocha

Pablo Ponce

Pablo Ponce, Staff Reporter

I am grateful and appreciative for Mrs. Cerulli. You allow us to have SSR which I enjoy. To be honest, you pick good books for us to read. I love to read and you provide us SSR which is wonderful to enhance our brains. Also, I thank you for allowing test corrections in your class. It gives us an opportunity to review our mistakes and what not. I thank you for that.

The subject we are currently talking about is poems. I’m not a great fan of poems but the way you explain how to do things in poems really help me understand. I really appreciate your work Mrs. Cerulli. If you keep doing the things you do, I think others will realize the importance of Language Arts. I think students will begin to understand because of you helping each and one of us, we get smarter as the days go by.

I know a lot of people hate Language Arts because they aren’t asking questions and they are sometimes shy to asks teachers. Honestly, I was one of them. Until I got in your class, things weren’t that bad because of you. Your nice and kind to others and I want to thank you for all your work.