Pv: My family life in the air force

Marquise Hamilton, Staff Reporter

Growing up Military By Marquise Hamilton

Lots of people assume growing up in military family is like any other family, but the reality of it is that living in the military is much harder than people perceive. The biggest thing for me to worry about was deployment, my parents had always told me that with their jobs came the possibility of having to move whenever and wherever the military needed us, and that possibility scared me out of my mind. Me and my family were fortunate to not have to move but my parents still got deployed every once in a while but not for to long. But one year my dad had to be deployed in Saudi Arabia for an entire year my mom had told me that military kids had to make sacrifices and i had never understood what she meant until then.


It was a long year but eventually got through it. My family managed through that year our first actual sacrifice and our second would last until were adults. My family got orders to move but this time my parents were ready to retire so wherever they choose my parents would retire there. Because they wanted to retire they got to decide where we moved permanently, and after a few weeks of discussion my parents had made up their minds….. We were moving to Texas!


When we finally got to Texas it was very different and took all of us a while to get used to. But eventually Texas became our new home and I made lots of new friends AND I finally memorized the Texas pledge. My parents retired and got new jobs where they are very happy,and life went on for us. Me and my family will always be a part of the military even though my parents retired, and we will never forget the sacrifices we’ve all made.