Smash Ultimate will be a hit this December


Preston Leggett and Conner Escobedo

Super Smash Bros Ultimate is a first party Nintendo game was released on December 7th a few weeks before christmas so Nintendo can reach high sales numbers as fast as they can.

The game is a sequel to the Wii U/3DS game Smash 4 which is obviously the fourth game in the series that started off in 1999 for the Nintendo 64.The Super Smash Bros series is a very popular one , the best selling game of the Nintendo Gamecube was Super Smash Bros selling nine and a quarter million copies,as a comparison to this, the most popular game of 2018 Fortnite has a story mode that has sold little over half a million copies.

Super Smash Bros Ultimate will have a roster of 70 characters including new comers like King K. Rool from the Donkey Kong series,Ridley from Metroid, Isabelle from Animal Crossing, And piranha plant from the Mario games. There will also be 100 stages to choose from and 800 different sound tracks to listen to while playing Smash Ultimate!! Smash Ultimate was made by the man who made the iconic Nintendo character Kirby, his name is Masahiro Sakurai.  

Gio Hager, he’s a 7th grader from Gamers Club. “I’m very excited that they brought back the original Smash roster from Super Smash Brothers Brawl and I  just can’t wait to try out Super Smash Bros Ultimate.”     

James Donnell, he’s a 8th from Gamers Club.

“I’m very excited for Smash 5 and Sakurai? You need to put Geno in Smash.”

Miles Graham, a 7th grader from Gamers Club

“Smash Ultimate is going to be game of the year, Fight me.”

Brandon Ogaffeny (BMO) a 7th grader from Gamers Club

“Kirby will be S tier in Smash Ultimate.”