PV: I Am Thankful For Mrs.Behnsch


Tyla Swanton, Staff Reporters

I had Mrs.Behnsch last year for College and Career Readiness 8th period. The moment I walked into her class I knew we were going to have a strong bond. She is very nice, but strict if you don’t follow her simple instructions for that days lesson. There was this one time when she gave everyone a ticket if you turned in the assignment completed on time, but if you didn’t turn it in by the deadline she would either give you a warning or if she saw you talking the entire period she would give you a yellow discipline.


 I found out that she did Young Living Essential Oils I new we had a lot in common. She is someone I can always count on if I need help with something or if I just need to talk to her about something. Mrs.Behnsch has always been someone I could talk to about school or any outside of school stuff. If my brother had a surgery she would always be there to make my day brighter and more positive all around. There was this one time when my brother had a hearing surgery, she made me forget about all the bad things that could happen and told me that God was going to be looking over him the entire time. When she said that I wasn’t worried anymore.


 I am very thankful for Mrs.behnsch because she saw hope in some of the kids that didn’t really try and she didn’t give up on them she pushed them to be the best that they could’ve been. Mrs.Behnsch saw the light in any complicated situation or any problem she faced during our class time. I grateful for Mrs.Behnsch because no matter how hard a student was trying to push her buttons she was always very calm. I admire Mrs.Behnsch because although she is a very sweet and kind person she doesn’t let students toss her around like a little toy.


Thank you Mrs.Behnsch for everything that you did for me and that you are still doing for our school I appreciate it and so do the students around me!

-Tyla Swanton