PV:why Mrs harper is one of my favorite teachers


Silvia Makori

Eleny Cordero

Eleny Cordero, reporter

I wanted to thank one of my favorite teachers this year,Mrs Harper my art teacher!she’s one of my favorite teachers this year mostly because her class is light and fun!I’ve never been in an art class and now that i took art this year i love it!i learn new things i didn’t knew before in that class.it’s been really fun in that class so far!Mrs Harper also makes activities for us sometimes when we finish early,which is fun because you think of what you want to draw and it really gets my mind going!at least for me,sometime i have i help my classmates because they can’t think of one.

Some of my favorite assignments that i had in art was one where we had to do a collage of things we loved,it was fun and it made me think of all the things I’ve loved since i was small!since  Mrs Harper gave us two options,either one piece of paper with a base on it or a foldable cube you would cut out then fold.most students still had to complete their project,so she let us take the project home too finish it!

Another assignment that i loved was one where we drew off of the big lego blocks.Mrs Harper bought legos for us too build something so we could draw.Even then she also let us bring our own legos to the class!after we got to build a small sculpture with the legos,we would take a picture of it that way we had the image of what it looked like for the following days.with the watercolors that Mrs Harper gave us we got to color in the blocks for more color pop!

Mrs Harper is one of my favorite teachers because she helps give tips when were drawing and she buys a lot of supplies for her classes!i’m in her art club as well and we help out with supplies and do fun little activities,sometimes we help move supplies for Mrs Harper!Even though she has an art class she still spends her own money on arts and crafts that we can do during art club,that really shows the generosity Mrs Harper has for her students!

Mrs. Harper’s class has always been really light and fun,and i love it! I’m glad i have Mrs Harper for my art teacher this year,your one of the best teachers one could ask for!