PV: My Social Media Detox Opinion


Aaliyah Simmons

Katlyn Thomas

Katlyn Thomas, Staff Reporter

Ten teenage girls went 14 days, two weeks, with no social media and had to delete the apps. The story was aired on Good Morning America on November 5, 2018. Throughout the time they were told to create a video log about their experience without social media, and the results were remarkable. Many of them reported being more productive and getting better sleep, but they also felt left out and found themselves rather bored with not much to do in their free time.

Unlike most kids my age I don’t have any sort of Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter because I never understood the addiction behind it. I never seemed to be able to understand spending hours perfecting a single picture and then another hour or two editing the picture so you look perfect. Of course just because it wouldn’t be hard for me I understand most kids my age spend much more time on social media and are more attached to it then I am.

In my opinion every teen, or anyone really, should have a social media detox lasting at least a day or to. Going some time without social media is good for the mind and the soul. It allows us to distress and relax without worrying about what others are doing or feeling obliged to keep up with Stephanie’s new boyfriend, Jacob, or Becca cheating on Henry with some high schooler two grades above her named Josh.