PV: Is Social Media affecting the way you live?

Jasmin Quiroz, 7th Grade Editor

In the article by Good Morning America they were talking about how teens spend to much time in Social Media and how teens need to take time off of Social Media. They need to take time and spend it helping people around the community, hanging out with friends and most importantly with family cause you don’t know the next time you will see them and anything could happen. According to Good Morning America teens need to spend less time on Social Media, “While for most teens these days social media is seen as an inevitable, and maybe even necessary for their day-to-day social life, some new studies associate excessive screen time with mental health issues or increased anxiety,” said Good Morning America.

As a 12 year old that is almost 13 and used Snap-chat and Instagram knows how addictive it could be. I used to use Snap-chat and Instagram but I got off it because I realized how much time I was spending on the apps and not getting enough sleep, not practicing basketball and worse then that I was not spending enough time with the people that I love the most.

When I had Social Media I was on it for at least 5 hours out of the whole day. When my mom noticed that I was not spending enough time studying for exams and tests she said that I have a choice between still having social media or taking it off and keeping my phone. I used to not get enough sleep I was spending to much time talking to friend on the apps. Know that I am not on Social Media I get so much sleep and I do better on my exams and tests.