PV: Growing up in a military family


Brooke Frank, Staff Reporter

Growing up in a military family has always been hard on me, we move from place to place and I have to meet new people and be in a whole new school practically leaving all of your friends behind.

My family, in Texas, is currently made up of, me (Brooke), my twin sister (Kaytlin), my step mom (Carie), and my dad (Andrew). My mom lives  in Arkansas with my big sister Madison. My dad serves in the Army as a Sergeant, and he is a Medic. We have lived in Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and Texas. My dad retires in 2020.

Being in a military family has made me stronger and I’ve learned how to make due with where the military moves my family. In my opinion moving is very hard because you are moving from one environment with friends to  a brand new place where you don’t know anyone and you have to meet new people. I was in Kansas from Preschool to Kindergarten, Arkansas for 1st- 3rd grade, Missouri through 4th grade to 5th grade, and we have been in Texas since 6th grade.

Being in a military family makes me stronger because I’ve had to deal  with my dad moving to South Carolina for 2 months, while kids that aren’t in the military family don’t have to go through leaving your home  where you know your neighbors and leaving your friends and school to transferring to a whole new place and not knowing anyone or not knowing how somethings work. While I’ve experienced all of that and it has made me a stronger person.