PV: A social media detox that every student needs


Silvia Makori

Pieper Jones

Pieper Jones, Student life editor

This is the best detox there is if your that person who scrolls down on their phone for hours. On November 5, 2018, Good Morning America posted a video about these ten teenage girls from 8th and 9th grade who for two weeks deleted their social media apps because either they have realized or the family has realized that they are on the phone way too much.

Personally I am not sure if I would be able to do it.Snapchat and Instagram are the only apps I really use. If I ever tried I think I would last between 7-9 days probably not 2 weeks that seems pretty difficult. I am on my phone from 4-8 hours a day.Which is a lot and I have been working on getting off my phone more,but between those 4-8 hours I am on social media about 6 hours.

The new update on my IPhone tracks the hours I go on my phone,how many times I pick up my phone and how much time I am on each app. In the video the girls told us how hard it would be to give up their social media apps. Saying that since they would see their other friends taking videos on Snapchat or see them posting on Instagram would create more temptation to download the apps.

That was before they started the social media detox,but after all they had were positive comments on it. They said they definitely got more sleep at night because everyone knows that social media can keep you up at night. One of the girls said she felt refreshed because sometimes you can feel controlled by social media

When I get on Instagram I feel like it can somehow can control me. It keeps me from sleep,work, and time I could have been hanging out with family. I think having this detox is best for me physically and emotionally. After watching this video it made me realize how much I really could benefit from doing this. Maybe once I try this that I will feel better about myself being more productive instead of laying down in my bed camping out in my room. Just think of all the things you can do once you turn off your phone and help your eyes from the controlling screen light.