PV:Social Media Detox is a good idea


Silvia Makori

Mariah Biache

Mariah Biache, Staff Editor

GMA(Good Morning America) did an experiment on 8th and 9th graders. They began by telling them to delete their social media apps, Snapchat and Instagram, for 2 weeks. They also asked the teens to make a video diary throughout the week and to talk about their experience. Many of them really understood that they needed a break away from social media and were really glad to be a part of this experiment.

The experiment should be for everyone in America because to be honest, we all need a break from technology. I think I would be able to do the experiment, yes, I would probably get bored, but there are better things I could be doing than wasting time on my phone. My dad wanted my whole family and me to give up Wifi just for one day, but it never happened. Although we didn’t do it, I think it’s still a good to just to give technology for a day.

Social media has many different effects on many different people. For me social media affected my life a lot last year! It really opened my eyes to how wicked this world is. There are minimal good effects that comes out of that situation. Seeing theses things did grow me closer to God, it also made me caution about I see on the internet.

Now I’ve asked my mom to block Youtube off of my phone. My parents also allowed me to have Snapchat, but after having it for about maybe a month and a half I realized that it was having a bad influence on me. So now I am banned from having Youtube and Snapchat, and the weird thing is that I asked my mom to restricted me. Now the closest thing I have to social media is probably just Fortnite.

Since the new Apple update I notice that I use my phone for about 2 hours and 30 minutes a day. There is always improvement in everything, so I try to cut back on my screen time. My family and I started to be together more often and I notice that we don’t watch T.V anymore. We got rid of Netflix because what’s the point of paying for something if we’re not going to watch it? Spending time with your family is very important. I’d rather spend time with them than spend time with my phone.