PV: An experience I will never forget

Our flag.

Our flag.

Dean Slater, Staff Reporter

Growing up as a military child has been a very nice experience. I have only moved 3 times ever none of them were in different countries. I was born in Noblesville IN and when I was three then my family and I moved to Dayton Ohio then when I was 5 We moved to Fort Wayne IN, and my last move was Here to TX.


My dad was a crew chief for C-5’s In the Air Force but he wanted to see my Big sister and my mom more because he was gone very often. So he decided to become a recruiter and he has been a recruiter for awhile now for about 15 years. Now my dad is retiring after 20 years of service in the military in February of next year and is going to become an aircraft mechanic.


Overall growing up as a military child has been a very nice experience because you get to meet new friends and go to many different places. This experience helped shape my life and I will hold onto this experience forever. I hope to one day be a B1 Bomber pilot in the Air Force and make my dad proud. Thank you for reading my article I hope you found my experience interesting goodbye.