P.V: Growing up as a military child can be hard

Adrianna McGhee, Staff Reporter

When you are young and moving around a lot it can be really hard. I have moved around since I was 10 months old. I was born in Japan and have moved many times after that. The first time I moved i didn’t really care because I was so young. As I got older it was harder to move and to leave all my friends and all the things that I knew. It started to get really hard when i started school. I would have to change schools and every school teaches a different way.

It was also very hard when my dad would have to leave us for a long time. My mom would have to take care of us all on her own. It’s hard as a little kid to watch your mom struggle to take care of three kids all on her own. My dad doesn’t leave as much anymore but it’s still hard when he does. The upside of moving a lot is that I get to see a lot of new places and meet a lot of new people. I get to travel all over the world.

It has also helped me be closer to my family. Whenever i move i also have my family to move with me. Another thing that is good about it is that you have other people that are going through the same thing. A lot of people think that it is always fun to move around. It’s not always fun there’s many ups and downs. I wouldn’t trade it for the world though because I am proud to say that my dad is in military. I am so happy that he has served our country.