PV:Why you shouldn’t believe fake news


Trinity Rocha

Caitlin Zander

Caitlin Zander, Staff Reporter

The most important thing in a journalist job is to one,get the facts right, and there is a process on how we do it. That is explained in the video (link below). Fake news is traveling our world like a plague, and I can’t stand it. It is also horrible that some people, get tricked into believing them.

As a example, you may find this horrible fake article and it seems really real, I mean really real, but everything in it is a lie. Since you believe it, of course, you share it with all of your friends and then they share it will all of their friends, and so on. And by the end of it, all of those people have believed and told a complete lie. Then there’s the one person who doesn’t believe it(aka the smart person) and they decide to research it, and  they find out its fake and tell everyone the truth. Then everyone else researches it too and comes to the same conclusion, that it’s fake. Then everyone you told gets upset because you lied to them.

Of course you didn’t know you were lying to them, but you still did. All because you believed in what the fake news told you.So now that you know just because things may seem real, doesn’t mean it’s actually real, and it’s always good to do a bit of research.

So the moral of this story is research before jumping to conclusions, or don’t believe everything you read. I hope you now use this wisdom and only read Dobie News(wink wink).I’m just kidding, use your wisdom to do what is right… to help stop the problem of fake news.