PV: Growing up in my military family


Tyla Swanton, Staff Reporter

Being in a military family has not only made me stronger person, but my entire family stronger people. We learned we had to stick together more than we already did because in the moving process we didn’t know anyone. All we had was each other!

My family consists of my eight year old brother Cameron Junior, my five year old special needs brother Craig, my Dad Cameron, my mom Christy, and I; Tyla Swanton.

My mom is in the Air Force, she works in the AETC Command Post. She makes sure operations and communications run efficiently and effectively under any circumstance. Her profession provides an essential skills and knowledge to keep the base and missions running smoothly. For her job they are the Eyes and Ears of the Wing Commander. She is to know everything that occurs in the installation and off so the Wing Commander and other commanders can make important and timely decisions.

Being in a military family gives me the opportunity to meet new kids that have parents that are deployed also. We can relate to when our parents have to work long hours that way they can provide for our family and our country. I love being in a military family because we get to travel and meet new families that become out long lasting friends. We have lived in Colorado, Louisiana, Germany, and now Texas. At first I didn’t like the idea of leaving my friends to move to Germany. I got to know more people in Germany which made me feel happier and more excited to live there.

When my mom had a c-section with my youngest brother, my other brother and I couldn’t see him for about 2 months after because he was in the Nicu. We found out that only a couple military bases would accept what he has. My mom got PCSed so we came here in San Antonio in the summer of 2014. We got to stay in the Fisher House on Fort. Sam Houston the Army base. It made it kind of convenient because we were constantly at the Fort Sam Houston Hospital for my little brother Craig.