PV: Why I am grateful for Mrs. Glasz


Arianna Reuss, staff reporter

Mrs. Glasz is my favorite teacher and I am very grateful to have her as my social studies teacher. I like the fact that she make everyone laugh and she is also someone that all her students can talk to.

I appreciate the fact that whenever my fellow classmates and I come in her classroom, Mrs.Glasz has the digital fireplace on and when she has the scented thing that smells really good, I can smell it from a mile away.

I also am very grateful for the way she teaches our class because she goes through the subjects step by step and makes sure that we understand the material, and I surprisingly like the note cards that we do every new unit because since I have spent so much time on them, I memorize most things on the notecards and get hundreds on my tests.

Mrs. Glasz makes a lot of assignments that are fun to do, which not a lot of teachers do, like when she uses the hand signs for us to remember about difficult subjects, or when she writes down notes on the board and makes it very organized so that even if other students do not understand the material she teaches, the other students can always look back at their neat notes and figure it out, and I can say that from experience.

I have realized that before, I wasn’t doing really good in previous social studies classes, but now that I’m in her class, I have been understanding more and doing a lot better.