PV: My Military Family

Arianna Reuss, staff reporter

There are many stories about being in a military family, most are good and some are bad, but in my experience, all of it is good. I am a military brat, which means that my dad was in the military before I was born.

At first I thought that the military was very stressful for my whole family and I thought that they were taking my dad away since he worked a lot and I barely got to spend time with him.My dad was in the air force branch.

I have been to England, Korea, and many other places that I cannot remember, since I was very young at the time.

The place I remember the most is England, mainly because that was the second to last place that my dad was stationed at and which he then retired from after about three and a half years, and then recently my brother was stationed at Germany and will be departing this Summer.  I do remember England clearly because I loved it there. There was so many landscapes to see that were so beautiful, I can still remember the fresh light breeze always there, I can still taste the sweet and bitter candy that my sister and I would share whenever we went outside of the military base, and into Yorkshire Dales, the small city we lived close to, and the school field trips all over the place such as farms, pantomimes, and musical plays.

I vaguely remember anything else, all I have to remember all the places I’ve been is the pictures from it.I didn’t know then, but now I actually kind of miss it. I miss traveling, and trying new things. Soon, no matter what, I am going to make a trip back to England and see what has changed.