PV: Importance of Veterans Day


Evan Sawyer, Staff Reporter

Happy Armistice Day! Oh wait we changed that Happy Veterans Day to all of you veterans and family members of veterans and active duty. We thank you for your brave and honorable sacrifices. We thank for the 16.1 billion veterans who fought in wars and for the 5.2 billion people who served during times of peace.

Veterans day has had two names and multiple dates. The first date was November 11th, and the 2nd date was every 4th Monday of October(they changed it back to November 11th). The original name for Veterans Day was Armistice Day which was changed to Veterans Day in 1975 by President Gerald Ford.


Other Countries involved in World War 1 and World War 2 have other ways of Veterans Day. On or near November 11th Canada has Remembrance Day,While Britain has Remembrance Sunday(the second Sunday of every November). In Europe, Great Britain, and Commonwealth countries it is common to have two minutes of silence at 11 am on every November 11th.


The branches of the military include Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Navy, and Marine Corp. The Air Force is filled with high flyers and some of the smartest minds. The Army is filled with heavy machinery and always ready for a fight. Coast Guard protects our borders on water and is always on the move looking for things to do. Navy America’s world traveling on the water and assisting the Air Force for fuel and a nights rest as they fight on the water. Marine Corp is the front runners who take charge and always fight where we


We thank the ones fought for for us and fell for us.This day is important to their families and us who still live in this great country of America. We will never forget what you did and never forget who America is as a country, Great people.