Personal view: Parenting Us is Complicated

“If you’ve never been hated by your child, you’ve never been a parent,”-Bette Davis.

The topic of parenting is complicated, and it’s difficult for parents and their children to understand each other, especially during challenges.

“My main goal as a parent is to give my children the best and to not let them lack necessities. I also want them to not risk the opportunity to grow spiritually as well as mentally,” said Mitchel Ferrer, father of three children, including me.

Many people, including students, have various opinions on how parents should do their job.

“I expect my parents to have respect and responsibility for me,” Ashley Pina said, adding that she wants them to be understanding of her and her opinions.

On the topic of being an adult and a parent, both adults and teens have their own thoughts on the responsibilities.

“Parenting is hard. I’m not a parent, but I’m a sister so I see the responsibility it takes. It’s like you have to do everything right the first time,” Ayana Alexander said.

Problems come in every situation and relationship. Ferrer said that he likes to converse and talk through the problem to find a proper solution.

He also responded by saying that he wants to give as much support, love, and encouragement to his children, even though it may not seem like it.

Punishments seem to be a whole different story when it comes to parenting, and it’s often hard for young people to understand the reasoning behind punishments.

“I don’t like punishments because they’re given to me for no reason, and my parents are really over dramatic,” Pina said.

But parents have a different chapter that they want you to read in the story of parenting. “I don’t think I’m strict with punishments. I’d say I’m very well balanced because I offer guidance and suggestions before I discipline,” said Ferrer.


(Alyssa Juan contributed to this article.)