PV : Growing Up In A Military Family


Ava Normandin

Lauren Russell

Lauren Russell, staff reporter

I grew up with my dad being in the air force. Growing up in a military family had its ups and downs. I got to travel a lot and live in cool places like Germany. I had a lot of fun and created fun memories in the places i got to travel around the world. I was able to collect cool souvenirs that I will always have to remind me of the memories I made in the places I visited.

All though I had fun traveling around and making new memories I also had to deal with changing schools and learning how to fit in and make new friends, it became easier as I got used to it but I still missed all of the great friendships and bonds I made.

I have gone to about Six or Seven different schools in my life. I have lived in a lot of different places such as Montgomery, Alabama, live oak, Texas, Stuttgart, Germany, Fort Meade, Maryland, Severna Park, Maryland, and now Cibolo Texas.

My dad is now retired and we are done moving so my siblings and I can go to high school all the way through one school. In conclusion I am happy I got to experience being in a military family, it taught me how to adapt and overcome.