PV: Teens need a social media vacation


Ava Normandin

Chelsea Goralewicz

Chelsea Goralewicz, Staff reporter

ABC News’ technology did a study on 10 girls, ages 13-14. They were trying to see how this would affect their personal well-beings, and also see if this would benefit them in any way. This challenge had a positive outcome after all. The 10 girls now have better relationships with family, friends, and got more school work done in that time. Over all the challenge was successful, and the girls showed improvement with their social skills.

I highly recommend taking a break, or vacation, from your phone once in a while, because social media has a negative impact on many people’s lives including mine. I use an unreasonably amount of time on my phone. On the daily I’m on my phone for about five hours, which is just drastic. Since I am always on my phone, I end up procrastinating a lot more. This causes me to stress in the mornings, and I usually miss some of the lessons in school from not getting my work done the night before.

Instagram and Snapchat play big roles in this. I always want to make sure I’m up to date on all the drama happening around the school, therefore I’m always on instagram. Snapchat isn’t that great either. I want to make sure that I check everyone’s story, so I don’t miss anything. Ever since I got a phone in general, my stress has been through the roof. Sometimes I wish I didn’t have it, but being on it is a habit now.

I want to change that. Since the study from the article came out as a success, I plan to try it out in the future. I believe this will change things in my life for the better. With this being said, I will also have more time to focus on school instead of being addicted to my phone.