PV: Growing up in a Military Family is Difficult

Kaytlin Frank, Staff Reporter

In my family it’s my dad who’s in the military. My dad, Step-Mom, My sister and I all move together. My dad is in the Army and he trains soldiers to be medics.I really support my dad and his decision on being in the military, and he’s been in two wars when I was younger. Growing up in a military family can be hard. You move places you’ve never been and which forces you to make new friends and meet new people.

My family has moved a total of four times: Kansas, Arkansas, Missouri, and where I live now, Texas. And once my dad retires next year my parents have to decide whether they want to move back to Missouri or stay in Texas. My sister and I want to stay in Texas because we want to stay with our friends, but I also know if we move to Missouri it’s closer to our family. Every time we move somewhere new we have to make new friends, my parents have to find a new job, and we have to find a new house. It’s weird always having to be a new student at a school. All of those things can cause a lot of stress on a family.

I think being in a military family can make you stronger in many ways. The first way is that it makes you be able to make more friends, and make them faster because you build up the confidence it takes to meet new people. The second way is that it can prepare you for the future in case you have to move again. It means a lot to be in a military family, there can be good things or even bad things that could happen. I think it’s important to be in a military family because I know my dad is helping everyone he can.