PV: We should log off social media

PV: We should log off social media

Jayden Dabney, Staff Reporter

Teens these days are very involved in social media.why? Because social media is a big popularity contest on who posts the best photos or videos. Teenagers get emotionally involved in social media. Social media also leads to anxiety/depression.

This Good Morning America video is a great example that if teenagers get off social media teenangers can be more active get better sleep and also connect with people outside of social media. They received lots of benefits from this they got better sleep, they got in less arguments with their parents, and they connected better socially with their friends.

Social media also makes teenagers feel good to receive likes or views it makes them feel connected. It also does decrease social skills. It’s also makes teenagers feel good to get a good laugh from a meme. Social media also give a free shield to bully people.

If teensagers log off social media the benefits are great. Your happiness will increase because you wont get jealous if a friend is having a great time but didn’t invite you or if your friend posted the perfect picture and your jealous.Social media also makes people lazy it makes us give excuses not to do certain things just to be on social media.

It also gives teenagers more free time. According to the Pew Research Center the average american teenager spends 9 hrs daily on social media if you log off 9 hrs that you get back to your life you can go outside,study,etc.

Teenagers also also have longer attention spans by not getting distracted by a ding of someone texting you on Snap chat or someone posted something new. So maybe log of social media to see the great benefits social media is bad for your mental and social health.