PV: Social media detox is changing people


Ava Normandin

Nyla Jorge

Nyla Jorge, Staff Reporter

The experts say that teens have addition to social media,ten  girls volunteer to not be on social media for two week. They didn’t know if they can do it. Before the 2 week they had no sleep and argued with their parents. They have troubles with their family and school, because they are always on their phone.They forget to do thing,like chores.expert are doing the right thing because it will help us, so we can do better thing. My dad tell me to get off my phone a lot.  

When I’m on my phone and I don’t listen to my dad.  My dad always say “Get off your phone now Nyla!” So one day my dad told me that when I’m on my phone the brain is make you see different thing. My dad is serious about my phone because he doesn’t think I do my homework so he say if you don’t get off me phone he is going to take my phone, because when I’m on my phone I forget to do my homework and forget to do my chores. And my dad doesn’t want that because I could be failing my class at school. When I was on my phone i forget to do everything, I started failing because I forget thing. My dad thinks its annoying too. These girls parent are have the same problem like my dad.

Before the 10 girls delete social media they didn’t do what they are supposed to do. Their parents think at the social media is annoying and they don’t do the thing that need to be done  at home. A parent said “ My teenage is arguing with me a lot.” So the ten girl for different school volunteer to delete social media for a two week, and they said they had more sleep and less argued with their parents. They learned more about the friends and play games. The girls got to do the thing like homework and eat with their family.