PV: Detoxing from social media

Nick Melendrez, Staff Reporter

Social media. Just the word already explains what is is. It’s basically apps that you can’t chat with people, see what’s going on in people’s lives, ect. They go from Snap-chat, Instagram, Kik, snow and a lot more. Which is great but what if having social media does more harm than good? Some kids trying and detoxing from social media for TWO weeks. They found out they got more sleep, didn’t get in trouble as much with their parents. However they also felt…left out. All their friends were sending photos and taking photos on snap-chat. They couldn’t do anything about it though.


I tried detoxing for just one day in social media not nothing and I realized it really helped. I ended up feeling comfortable and not rushing to see everybody’s post about this new product or something like that. It’s easier to let life be then to be on a device and yeah it’s fun but it’s nice to take a break.

I think that it’s really good to take a break and do something fun. I’m actually really happy I did this because it made me more productive and happy and just made me feel better. Children are getting phones at a younger age and social media at a young age, they’ll get “addicted” at a young age. I’m happy I did this and I would recommend it too.


So in conclusion social media can be useful as in including thy selves with social interaction, but can also be a damage to them with not being productive and not listening. I think that there should be a healthy well balanced use of social media.