PV: The Importance of Veterans day

Olivia Wright, Staff reporter

Veterans day was originated as  “Armistice Day” in November 11,1919. It celebrated the end of World War one. In the beginning of 1938 Veterans Day was officially a national holiday. Veterans Day is a time that tributes to the people who are American veterans. Dead or alive, but mostly to those who served our country through wars and peace times. 

Some countries different ways of showing respect on Veterans Day is on November 11 because back in 1968.The uniform holidays bill passed by congress which moved Veterans Day to the fourth Monday in November. In Europe, Great Britain and commonwealth countries it’s common to stand for at least two minutes of silence. The amount of people who served in wars, or they served in the peace times today are a total of over a million people.

Most people celebrate Veterans Day by doing parades and services throughout the country to honor them. Some people’s  point of view can mean, “it is freedom, sacrifice, and those who served as veterans”. The national ceremony is held each year at Arlington National Cemetery where the president gives a speech to honor them and veterans are honored

Most major cities like San Diego, New York City and Dallas have a Veterans Day parade. Veterans will sometimes be asked to stand up and then the crowds would applause, smile and thank those people that serve or served in our country. They do  it in a respectful way, and they don’t be disrespectful while doing the moment of silence.