Telling Real from Fake can be really Important

Gabriela Sierra, Morale committee

The  TED video  talks about  how to tell the  difference between fiction  and real. And it really should  opens people’s eyes because, the video  teaches people to look at the situation  closer. Especially journalists and teenagers, they  really have to look closer and make sure they have  the right facts, wether they’re gossiping or they’re writing  an article. And people feel that for teenagaers, and journalists,  it’s always important to make sure it’s all facts and that they get  the information from a trustworthy resource. Because people believe that journalists  are to be real and factual, because they get their information from them, whether its  news, gossip,etc..

To  tell real  from fake is  very important because  while writing an article  they can’t just wing it. They  have to prove their information. They  have to look at the picture a little  more closely because as the TED video said, there  are a lot of fake photos out there so they really  have to do a lot of research to make sure it’s real. And  that takes time.


Teenagers  tend to mix  things up a lot. When  a rumour goes around it’s  like a game of telephone, as  the rumour goes student by student  what actually happened seems to get lost. Wether  someone misheard it, or someone just changes it to  make it worse for who the rumour is about. It’s not  only teenagers it’s all ages. As a teenager I know it’s  not that hard at all to get mixed up.


Just  be careful  where you get  your information, this  goes for everyone.