PV: Growing up in a military family


Kalandria Luna , Staff Reporter


My dad bravely serves in the United States military. My dad works in the navy,ranking as an 05. My dad is currently the commander of the the Louisiana, Bossier City NOSC.

The navy was officially established by the continental congress in 1775. Navy’s primary goal is to protect the american interest. Navy is also responsible for transporting marines to areas of war. The navy helps supplement air force, the navy also deploys to areas of fixed runways.

Me and my family have had to move a total of 13 times. To places such as California, Arizona, New Mexico, Louisiana, North Carolina, South Carolina,Virginia, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island, New Jersey,Texas and Florida.

Being in a military family can be very overwhelming.Moving is pretty crazy and making new friends is sometimes hard and being in a new environment can be confusing and scary. Being in a military family can be very hard, especially times of deploying to sea. Traveling to new places, meeting to new people and making new friends

Growing up in a military family can be hard due to the, traveling, distance and seeing new things. Deployment can be really hard due to distance between families. The distance between families can be hard, this can bring many families closer.