PV: The 14 day detox and the benefits of doing it


Jurnee Clark

Trinity Rocha

Trinity Rocha, Staff reporter


The 14 day detox is all about stepping away social media. Good Morning America interviewed 10 girls about how social media affects them and how they would feel about giving up social media for 2 weeks.

Social media detox is a great way to focus on yourself and take the time to improve. Social media tends to distract me from the things I need to do, like homework or chores. The detox also allows you to spend more time with your friends and family.   

Camille Wellborn, one of the girls interviewed, said “the hardest part about the break was when I would hang out with my friends, they would constantly be in their phones sending each other things.” I can understand how she feels because sometimes you can feel left out for not having things. For example when I’m grounded and don’t have my phone i really don’t get to talk to my friends because they’re mostly on their phones

Most of the girls agreed that the detox was helpful and it showed them a different perspective. For example Finley Simon said she felt some guilt for “not being able to respond to people,” but that it felt good to take a break from the “pressure and stress” of social media, and added that she “would do it again.”

What are the benefits? There are actually many, one of the benefits of the detox is self- improvement. Scientists have recently studied that constant comparison may or will lead us to depression. The social media detox can allow you to focus on yourself.

Another benefit is it helps reduce anxiety. Getting off Social media helps reduce anxiety, it lets you take a breath and worry less about if your missing out. It also helps with school when your not on social media you have more time to do your homework and do the things you enjoy.