PV: Why YOU should do a social media detox


Trinity Rocha

Nathan Stanley

Nathan Stanley, Staff reporter

What a Social Media Detox is                                                                                                        

a social media detox is a form of cleansing yourself of stress. Social media detox is when you refrain from using social media for a certain period of time whether it be a few days, a week, or even a month. People do this so they can relieve themselves of worry and frustration. When you do a detox it means that you cleanse yourself. In this case, it means you cleanse yourself of social media usage.

Why people do this                                                                                                                                                                   

People do this for a number of reasons. One reason so they don’t have to worry about how people think of them on the internet. The second reason is so they don’t have to worry about the current status of the world since news sites use social media to share the news. People will leave social media so they don’t have to see the news.

My personal tips

Take all your social media apps on your phone and put them in a folder which you will title “DO NOT OPEN”. Then put a reminder on your phone that you can use social media again and set the reminder to go off on whatever date you choose. Also on Instagram, you can temporarily disable your account on your own but don’t worry if you try to log in again your account will come back.

My thoughts 

Through research, if found that a lot of people do this, maybe even your favorite influencer has done this. You should really do this if you find yourself having a lot of stress and worry. I personally would do this.