PV: Taking a break from social media is good


Jocelyn McComic

Arianna Fisher

Arianna , staff reporter

Good morning America invited 10 girls from ages 13-14 to do a challenge they could not have social media. They took all of social media off the girls phones for two weeks in California. All of the girls had different opinions like one girl had better sleep others had time do thing for herself.  

Some of the girls girl felt like a little kid but overall they like not having social media on their phone for two weeks. People have different issues with social media. It good of take break from the media. Most teenage kids stay on their phone for a long time they are on it at the diner table, in the car,and evan with friends. They decide to be on their phone then talk to their parents or friends.


I guess I Have already did it in the summertime. I got so tired of people so I uninstalled snapchat and instagram. It was weird but most of my good friends have normal message and they were so much fun just to talk to them without distractions. After a little bit I started miss the social media.   

To me social media can be inspirational but it can also be making you jealous at the same time. I use snapchat but I learned that snapchat is not everything. I am not on it all day. If anything I am on it for at most 2 hours but I saw other people on instagram when at the volleyball game. I just wish other people even me could just stay off their phones for the time when you are with your family or friends.

This has made me realise what most people turned into. I like this challenge because you can be yourself. Everyone with a phone has had one time when they stood up longer then needed. Phones are good to have but they can sometimes be bad for you. Sometimes all you need is a break from media.