PV:Growing up in a military family

Kenzie jones, Reporter

Veterans Day is a day to celebrate the soldiers who fought in the wars for us to keep us and our country safe.My dad was in the navy for twenty-two years, even though he was not there a lot when I was little he is still the best dad in the world.

My mom probably had a hard time taking care of three kids while my dad was away overseas which just means he was deployed helping out his country. As a military kid you move around to different places a lot or sometime the parent that is in the military will just go for how long they need to go and come back.My dad was in the navy. He was a surface warfare officer in the military.

Moving was hard because I made friends then next then I knew I was moving again.As a kid in the military I moved a lot I moved six times. But moving wasn’t so bad for me until I got older. When I was young I got to move all around the world one time I didn’t live in the United States for three years.

The places I have lived is Texas, Hawaii, Germany, Minnesota, Florida, and then my last move was back to Texas where we started.My favorite place to live was Germany because while I was living in Europe I got to go to London, and France, and Spain. My other favorite place to live was Hawaii because I got to go to the beach every weekend and play in the sand and in the water with my brother and sister. Oh how much I miss those days spending time with my brother and sister.

After my dad retired in Germany we didn’t travel that much after we moved back to the US.I really miss traveling after we moved from Germany those days were the best hanging out with my family.After my dad has been in the military for twenty-two years he retired in Germany.Then we moved to Minnesota and lived with my cousins for a year.Then we moved to Florida stayed there for two years but my mom moved one year earlier then us because  her new job was in Texas.Then me my dad, brother and sister moved to Texas in our new house.