PV: Do We Really Need Social Media?

PV: Do We Really Need Social Media?

DeLisa Booker, Morale Committee Leader

The social media detox was a very good detox that I think a lot of people need to do. I feel like everybody needs to do it because everyone is SO addicted to their phones. To be honest everyone is always on their phone.

No matter what everytime I look around there is at least one person on their phone. At the mall, at restaurants, school,and even at work! We need to start taking more and more breaks from our phones because it’s going to limit our time for face-to-face connection with our friends, family, and the outside world.

Well I mean even though the news could be on our phones looking at the news could turn into going on social media apps such as: Instagram, Snapchat, Facebook, Twitter or more. Even the notifications could stop us cause we could be doing our homework then say your bestfriend or  even your crush texts you and you would probably stop what you’re doing just to text them back. I mean a simple “how was your day.” could turn into a whole conversation about other things. 

Another thing is school. School should be your number one priority but with all the new tech coming out that could be so hard because in school now the students are using Chromebooks, Ipads and even our phones and with the high tech games and things  that come onto our phone now could be setting us back from what we NEED,education.

Usually when we get home the first thing we do is take out our headphones and put them straight on not even thinking about saying hello to our parents. This society is practically addicted to our phones! Everything has to be done with our phones like: classwork, ordering food, buying groceries EVERYTHING!

You should personally go try and see how it turns out! You never know how that could turn out maybe you will start spending more time with your family and friends. Social Media doesn’t revolve around our society!