PV: Can you survive without social media?


Jocelyn McComic

Anaya Bryant

Anaya Bryant, Social Media editor

10 girls, 13  and 14 years old. Had to give up social media for 2 weeks (14 days )in California . When they are on social media they get attached when looking at social media, because they see all these ideas and pretty  girls and they want to be like them. When the teens got off of social media, they got a lot of sleep and got to hang out with there family more.

when their friends got on social media they tried to get them off of it, and when they got their friends off of social media they got to do much more fun thing. Then just look at photos/a phone screen and not talking to each other.  When they got their phones back they were weirded out and really did not want to get back on. When they got their phones back they installed all there social medias. See how much they missed, they were a little confused and did not want to get on social media.

Social Media affects me by. Me always thinking that i’m not good enough  because all he girls are so much prettier than me. But it also causes a lot of drama because if you don’t post with someone, then they could think that your mad at them. But i stay up all night staying up being on social media texting my friends and sharing photos and other things. When i’m on social media i feel stressed and it can cause me crying, because people can say a lot of mean things. I been called fat, ugly and etc. I don’t get how someone can be so mean when all you want to do is live your life.

I don’t really use social media a lot, but when i am,  then I would be on for like 4 hours then get carried away with time. But i don’t stay on for long because there is more in life than social media.

When I don’t have my phone i get to go movies with my friends and have more fun. Then sitting on my phone just wasting the day away. When i  stay over my friends over at the house. I always on there phones, and i always tell them to get off and do something else. When they did we had more fun with sleeping over and had ice cream, and went to the pool and had a lot of fun and played with her cats. The best day ever, because there was no social media in the way.

How I truly feel about social media. I think that social media is okay , because people can say some messed  things. But i try to not pay attention but it can get out of hand when it start to affect you at school, that happened to me before that why i really don’t like social media a lot anymore. But it’s okay because that how i talk to my friends when there really far away, or moved.