Staff Spotlight: Officer Hernandez is loved


Jocelyn McComic

Officer Hernandez is a favorite at Dobie. He is dedicated and friendly.

Amara McCollum and Jocelyn McComic

Over the years, Dobie’s SRO Officer Ram Hernandez has been known in many ways: an aspiring firefighter, a cul-de-sac baseball player, a dedicated police officer and a friend to the students of Dobie.

Officer Hernandez is tremendously appreciated by the students and staff who love having him at school. Officer Hernandez can often be seen chatting with students in the cafeteria or at games. When Officer Hernandez is around, people are smiling. It’s Officer Hernandez’s warm personality that make him a favorite among students and staff.  He can often be seen chatting with students in the cafeteria or at games after school. 

Officer Hernandez works hard to keep Dobie students safe each day and he often gives talks to parents and teachers across the SCUC district about how best to keep everyone safe.

DeLisa Booker 8th grader, said he is caring. “I love Officer Hernandez because he always stops to make sure we are having a great day,” she said.

Lyna Gonzalez, 8th grader, said Officer Hernandez’s kindness is what she notices. “He is such a sweet man and he always makes me feel welcome. I appreciate him,” she said.

His childhood

Officer Hernandez can relate to a lot of students at Dobie. He grew up in San Antonio and played outside with his friends. One of his favorite things to do was to play baseball with his neighborhood friends in the cul-de-sac.

Later on, he went to high school. He was asked what the worst thing he did was while he was in school. He shared that he once smoked marijuana, but he decided that he would never do it again because he knew it would affect him getting the job that he wanted, a firefighter.

Becoming an officer

He took the test for becoming a firefighter and he did great, but there was a very slim chance of him getting in. Out of everyone who did well,only a few got picked. He didn’t end up getting in. He was disappointed that he didn’t get picked  but he found something else that he loved–law enforcement! He decided to pursue being a police officer.

On the job

Since becoming a police officer, he has had to face some scary parts of the job. Several years ago, Officer Hernandez experienced a dangerous experience. He was called to investigate a case where a woman was assaulted by a family member. Hernandez went to the woman’s place of employment to get the details on what had happened. The woman gave him details, but he could tell she was embarrassed about what had happened to her.

Hernandez received a warrant to go into the house that the woman and family member, her brother, lived in. When Hernandez went into the house to arrest the brother, he first went to the room where the brother was hiding. The hallway he walked through is known to officers as the “Fatal Funnel” because of how dangerous it is. 

When he walked into the room, he looked to his left saw the brother laying on his back on the bed . “I saw the brother slowly pull up his hand while holding a gun,  aiming the weapon at me,” said Hernandez. “I was waiting for the shot but it never happened,” said Hernandez, who said he had time to respond and grabbed the gun. After the struggle, Officer Hernandez was able to safely detained the man.

On Campus

Officer Hernandez loves his job and the time that he gets to spend at Dobie where for the most part, students are well-behaved. “I feel lucky,” he said, adding that he has worked in some “tough” schools before. He rarely has to interfere, he may have to stop a few students running too fast in the hallway, but he says that he really likes Dobie.

The students of Dobie really like him too. Erika Hernandez, 8th grade, says she appreciates his positive attitude. “ Officer Hernandez is always kind to all the students and he always acknowledges everyone he walks past. I can tell that a lot of us really enjoy having him being a part of our school!” she said.

Kira Brown, 8th grader, said she also appreciates Officer Hernandez. “He is always interacting with the students and has a very positive attitude,” Brown said. 

Students say that Officer Hernandez has made an impact on them and their school experience. The students of Dobie would like to thank Officer Hernandez for being so kind a caring towards them. “Officer Hernandez is so caring to the students. He is amazing and I am glad he is at our school,” said Maddie Gully, 8th grader.