PV:Social Media Detox

Shania Sapp, Staff reporter

The social media detox is about how 10 girls (Serena Pillsbury, Camille Wellborn, Hope Johnson, Kirsi Harris, Lucie Nivaud, Madeline Wooster, Finley Simon, Ella Noblin) go without Social Media for 14 days (2 weeks) Becky Worley(from Good Morning America) helped out with the Social Media detox the girls (from North California) delete social media from there phones.

Once they deleted social media from there phones they went through the pain of not being on social media for 14 days.
The way I would be able to cope with this Social media detox is I would just sit around the house and watch YouTube.I would Also go outside more than I usually did. Social media has a big impact on my life because I use it so much to talk to friends and to like videos. Not only do I use social media for videos, talking with, and to just surf the web I also use it for informational uses as well.

Social media can help a lot out of people out in many ways as it does with me. Teens who use social media often use it for stress or to release pressure they feel. The most Social media apps used for texting, calling, posting pictures, and to share videos and other media are/is Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube.

But social media is also a bad place for many young users who use Social media. Many have committed suicide due to being cyberbullied. So that is why I don’t be rude to anybody on Social media and I just post and go.