PV: Social Media Detox is a Difficult Task


Aaliyah Simmons

Aaliyah Simmons, Staff Reporter

Recently, Good Morning America did a social experiment. The guidelines were to have 13-14 year old girls last two weeks without social media. The girls had to delete apps like Snapchat and Instagram, and record digital diaries to see how the experiment was going.

Most of the girls said that they felt left out when they were hanging out with friends because they were always on their devices. Despite the fact of feeling left out, they slept more.

Good Morning America stated they conducted the experiment because many teens are addicted to social media and it makes an impact on their actual social life. It even makes your anxiety worse, stated by the video. The impacts the experiment had on the girls was more than just negative though.

As stated before, the girls said they felt like they got more sleep. Another advantage the girls stated they had was that they felt more engaged with their friends.

Personally, I would be able to remove myself from social media for two weeks. It does sound easy at first for both people who use social media and for those who don’t, but I’m sure it has its ups and downs.

The reason why I think I am up to the challenge is because I don’t use social media that much in the first place. I really don’t find a need for it so I’m not addicted to using it daily. I’m sure however, that people around me would have a difficult time though, like my friends or family.

People around me use their phones to complete tasks, browse news, or play games. I know that most people are used to social media contact like texting, or Snapchatting so it would be difficult for most people.

The positive of detoxing yourself from social media can include sleeping more and being overall more engaged in your activities. Good Morning America’s social experiment was proof of this. It might be hard at first, but it will be worth it, even for a few days.