PV: Veterans Day is an Important Holiday


Aaliyah Simmons

Sydney Griggs

Sydney Griggs, staff reporter

Veterans Day is a holiday that is dedicated to, and celebrates, our veterans and what they do for our country. This holiday is a way for US citizens and other countries to pay respects, and thanks, for their military that could currently be risking their lives for their country.


According to History.com, “Veterans Day originated as “Armistice Day” on Nov. 11, 1919, the first anniversary of the end of World War I.” Veterans Day gives thanks to all of America’s veterans, whether they’re alive or have passed on, for serving our country during peace times and during war. Other countries also participate in this holiday like Great Britain.


Taking a closer looking into the branches of military, which include the Army, Marine Corps, Navy, Air Force, and Coast Guard, they are all different. Each branch is specialized in a certain field. The Army is our powerful fighting force that protects the us by land, and it has elite groups within it that receive specialized training.


The Marine Corps are made up of top tier men and women that are strong warriors and have an exceptional character about them, according to Todaysmilitary, “Today, approximately 180,000 Marines are stationed around the world at all times.” This ensures that we are always protected and their protecting others.


Our Navy dates back all the way to the American Revolution, they’re America’s strong fighting force protecting us from any threats coming by sea. The Coast Guard is similar to the Navy, but instead of being out at sea they protect our waterways. Veterans serving in the Coast Guard also take part in search and rescues, law enforcement, and environmental cleanup operations.


Finally, the Air Force are our protectors of the sky, enlisting as a pilot or flight crew is just scratching the surface of what the branch offers to its members.


Veterans, I believe, are those who decide to risk their lives and leave their home life to serve our country. They choose, in some cases, to put their family aside to stay in foreign countries that they might have never been to or heard of.


Some veterans decide to enlist in the military right after they turn 18 or even 17, as long as they have parental consent, to protect the millions of people residing in America. In my opinion, veterans show bravery and are courageous for choosing to go into war knowing they might not live to see their family or home again.