PV: How annoying is this for journalist


John Salgado

Fake news can be annoying because people don’t know if it’s real or fake and it can take a long time for people to know that fake is real or not because people are saying it or Photoshop and i’m also trying to see some news to show real or fake. People say that the world is ending because of a meteor witch is fake. Other News station even don’t know what can be real or fake.


Ted’s video is great to know what how annoying it is for fake news and see what is real news and see how it’s hard to deal with all the fake news. Everyday there will be fake news everywhere on social media, the internet, etc but there’s nothing that we can do about it and a lot of people want the real news not a tornado hiding New York.  


Nobody like fake news because people get scared and mad because of fake news but there are those people that make fake news fake witch is good so now we can know about what is real and what is not but it takes a lot of time to do witch can be hard to see if it is real or fake but they will get to to bottom of it. Fake news can suck but at least it’s fake.