PV: How to know if it is fact or fiction


Aaliyah Simmons

Zachary Thigpen

Zachary Thigpen, Staff Reporter

Is it the truth or a lie? On the internet nowadays it is hard to tell if someone posted something honestly or if they faked it for publicity. In a TED talk, Markham Nolan talks about how journalists filter out real sources and fake sources. And here’s how he does it.

Nolan says that he uses free internet tools to do so, like google maps to see where the event happened. He does this to make sure his sources are true. Nolan points out that there is so much data being uploaded a second, that finding a good source is hard. Nolan also says that it is especially hard to uses sources from Syria and other countries at war because it could be a war crime. That is why he says journalists always go to the extra step to make sure what they report on is safe.

And I fully agree, it is hard to tell if something will end up being no good or hurt your career. That might be why some stations don’t care about source credibility. That’s why it is sad that people will publish legitimately fake news, which just another name for lies, and news stations do it to get more views and money, and I don’t blame them for it. If you can make money off of people who don’t question your sources or facts, then why be truthful? That is why fake news is a problem, news stations can cash off people’s emotions on a topic like politics or sports and make money off of it.

Source: https://www.ted.com/talks/markham_nolan_how_to_separate_fact_and_fiction_online?referrer=playlist-talks_to_help_you_become_a_better_researcher&language=en